If you own a freezer, then you need to order the FoodKracker. FoodKracker separates/cracks bulk frozen food packages into smaller portions for individual meal servings. Crack what you need & save the rest!
Every Kitchen Should Have One!
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See It In Action

Food Kracker Description

The patented triangular design of the FoodKracker creates the perfect edge that can crack open any frozen food item. Combine that with the FoodKracker’s dependable anodized aluminum body, and you have a tool that will last a lifetime.

The FoodKracker is perfect for: splitting frozen hamburger patties, cracking open bacon, and so much more!

How It Works

How to use the FoodKracker

Center the frozen food perpendicularly upon the FoodKracker with both hands face down on top of the food.

Press down with both hands to crack open the frozen food.


Sandy from Cleveland wrote: This is a great product, now it’s so easy to separate those frozen hamburger patties! Definitely recommend to anyone who cooks.

Mike from Chicago wrote: Wow, this gadget is as cool as it looks, and it really works! Great breaking apart that full slab of frozen ribs. Highly Recommend.

John from Long Island wrote: An awesome tool for making BLTs, works perfectly on frozen bulk bacon.

Kyle from Omaha wrote: The easiest way to break apart all my frozen meats, the FoodKracker, seriously well worth it!

Lara from Westchester wrote: The FoodKracker works great at splitting my salmon fillet into meal ready portions, great tool for food preparation!

Gianna from San Jose wrote: I had a BBQ for Labor Day last month, the FoodKracker cracked the grilled corn into perfect halves, making the husks so easy to yank right off, separated all my hamburger patties, and even worked great to separate some steaks I had in the freezer, the best companion for food preparation hands down!

Paul from San Francisco wrote: A quality product that serves multiple uses, a worthy addition to any kitchen appliance tool kit.

Carolyn from Houston wrote: I used to always cut myself splitting frozen patties, the Foodkracker makes it so easy!

About Us

The FoodKracker was invented jointly by a retired Vietnam veteran, working together with his son. We knew there needed to be a better way to break frozen food for our family. After trying and breaking almost every kitchen surface, we designed and manufactured the “FoodKracker”!

The FoodKracker is a patent pending, kitchen appliance that is 100% Made in The USA!


Contact Us

Email us at sales@foodkracker.com or call us at 1-708-363-3199